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Media Partner

A Media Partner for the Medical & Healthcare Expo is an esteemed organization that collaborates with the event to provide extensive media coverage and promotional support. As a Media Partner, your organization will play a crucial role in amplifying the reach and visibility of the expo to a wide audience, including healthcare professionals, industry experts, and the general public.

Through your media channels, such as newspapers, magazines, online portals, television, radio, and social media platforms, you will disseminate news, updates, and highlights about the Medical & Healthcare Expo. Your organization will help raise awareness about the event, its objectives, and the participation of leading healthcare companies, exhibitors, and industry experts.

As a Media Partner, you will have the opportunity to access exclusive content, interviews, and insights from the expo. You can conduct interviews with key speakers, exhibitors, and attendees, providing your audience with in-depth coverage and analysis of the latest trends, innovations, and advancements in the medical and healthcare industry.

Collaborating as a Media Partner offers mutual benefits, as your organization gains exposure and recognition among the healthcare community, while contributing to the success and promotion of the Medical & Healthcare Expo. You will have the chance to strengthen your position as a trusted source of healthcare news and information, further establishing your brand as a leader in the industry.

Join us as a Media Partner for the Medical & Healthcare Expo and be a vital part of delivering vital information, insights, and updates to a diverse audience interested in healthcare advancements and innovations.”

Please note that this description can be customized according to the specific requirements and partnership opportunities of your Medical & Healthcare Expo.

1. Print Media Partner

The Daily Karatoa

The Daily Karatoa is one of the most popular Bangla Newspaper in Bangladesh. The Print Newspaper & online news portal has started its operations with the commitment of fearless, investigative, informative and neutral journalism.
The Daily Karatoa has provided real time news update, using utmost modern technology since 1976. It also provides archive of previous news, and printing facility of the specific news items.
One can easily find latest news and top breaking headlines from Bangladesh and around the world within a short span of time from the online news portal.
The Daily Karatoa, the Bangladesh’s leading online news portal, is updating 24/7 with entertainment, lifestyle, special reports, politics, economics, culture, education, information technology, health, sports, columns and features.
the Daily Karatoa is trying to build a bridge with Bengali language people around the world and want to create a new dimension to the country’s online news portal.

Daily Sun

Leading English newspaper in Bangladesh providing latest news of politics, business, sports, entertainment, health, travel and many more

Daily Sun is an English-language daily newspaper published in Dhaka, Bangladesh, founded in 2010. It also operates an English news portal and a Bangla news portal apart from maintaining a website for the e-version of the published copies.

2. Broadcast Media Partner

News 24

News24 is a news-based nonstop satellite television channel and the fifth venture of East West Media Group Limited. The project was planned to make a difference in the traditional pattern of audiovisual feeds of news and views to the viewers in general.

The TV channel started formal streaming on the air on July 28, 2016 after license was acquired on March 25, 2015. The television channel has already become successful in making a vibrant presence among the viewers at home and abroad by its objective and in-depth news coverage alongside the news analysis and meaningful presentation of people’s reactions and expert views on events of public interests.

Supported by a pretty large group of smart and young news crew, technical team, creative planners, most modern & artificially intelligent devices and tools, the television channel is believed to become one of the leading of its kind in the country soon.